Remembering that, in its simplest form, DotFeed brings:

  • increased awareness (through optimized product feeds)
  • increased sales (through better positioned, more efficient product pages)
  • reduced workload (through centralization of data, and of processing)

... then DotFeed can help anyone and everyone who is involved in selling online

DotFeed helps the startup, selling relatively few products, & seeking growth ...

  • DotFeed is a springboard to widespread internet advertising.
  • DotFeed helps with the optimization of product feeds.
  • DotFeed introduces 'mini-sites' which work instead of (or alongside) an online store.

DotFeed helps the enterprise-level company ...

Typically, enterprise companies sell tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of products and are seeking growth. Such companies are often concerned about increased workload to match the increased sales.
  • DotFeed increases traffic from structured, optimized feeds.
  • DotFeed focuses organic SEO onto informational pages.
  • DotFeed delivers 'mini-sites' for split testing, thereby extending landing page potential.
  • DotFeed centralizes data and reduces workload.
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