What exactly is DotFeed . . .




logs and accounts.


  • An easy way to keep a copy of your data (products and orders) in the cloud
  • An easy way to work on, and optimize, that data
  • An easy way to 'transport' that data to a sales channel, or other destination
  • An easy way to bring data back from the destination
  • A sophisticated way to run A/B tests across your sales channels
  • An intelligent integration platform with a RESTful API
  • An easy way to move security logs from AspDotNetStorefront to centralized logging systems.
  • A group of services in the cloud to bring lightweight affordable centralization to your omnichannel world

DotFeed begins with your products

  • DotFeed 'pulls' them from your existing store ...
  • ... or uploads them from your spreadsheet ...
  • ... or gives you an easy way to key them in

Whichever option you take, DotFeed securely stores a copy of your products in the cloud.

DotFeed gives you Apps ...

In-line apps enable you to manage your data easily and centrally.
  • Product Management App
  • Order Management App
  • Payment Configuration App
  • Product Import App
  • Sales Channel Management App

DotFeed builds your ads ...

  • DotFeed helps you optimize for SEOToday
  • DotFeed's structured data feeds go to seven leading comparison engines
    • Google Shopping Feed
    • Amazon Product Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Shopzilla
    • Shopping.com
    • Pricegrabber
  • Optimized product data helps give you maximum visibility.

DotFeed gives you Mini-Sites ...

This feature is completely unique to DotFeed. Think of it like this ... DotFeed gives you a powerful way to change details about your product on its way to Google (or to Bing, or to Amazon). You can change the description 'in transit'. You can change the product name, or the image, or even the price. You end up with streams of product data flying through the ether and ending up building ads that might look very different from your original product.

If a shopper likes the look of the changes you made, then you want to make sure that you hold that same image, that same description, and that same price when you bring the shopper to your product page to place an order. So DotFeed steps in and will build, right there at the moment of the click, a 'mini-site' that exactly reflects your ad. The shopper feels happy, and can pay right there on the page. No complex registration or confused checkout.

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