DotFeed Mini-Sites - perfectly engineered to take your orders

If you have a storefront and want all 'clicks' from shopping engines to land on your regular product pages, then all is well and you might not be so interested in this feature (yet).

If, however, you don't run an online store, (or if there are times when you would prefer NOT to drive clicks to your regular store), then please, read on.

The concept is this - you will upload your products (just once - after that they will be sync'd for you). Using the DotFeed Apps you will be able to optimize and change your product information while it is in transit to the shopping engines. You might, for example, experiment with sending different images (or more likely, different prices) to Amazon, or to Google's shopping engine.

Since you could end up sending different product information to different channels, you need to make sure that a 'click' brings a shopper to a product page that exactly matches the ad to which they responded. DotFeed lets you choose where the click goes. You can choose 'back to my store' or you can choose 'when someone clicks, please build a page for them to see that exactly matches whatever ad they clicked on.

DotFeed builds mini-sites to capture your sales, and returns orders to your DotFeed Order Management App.

Sample Mini-Site Templates

Simply stylish

"Simply stylish" - those words sit very well together.
All of our mini-site templates are consciously designed to be calm and professional.
Simplicity is vital when selling online, to avoid the distractions that can lead to abandonment.
DotFeed mini-sites look great and perform well.

Mini-Sites are totally secure

You'll notice that the footer of each mini-site carries reassurance that all of our pages are tested daily by McAfee.
This is of enormous significance in securing confidence and therefore sales.

PLUS, shoppers feel safe when encouraged to pay with the 'wallets' that make them comfortable - PayPal and Checkout by Amazon

Brand Identity

The DotFeed Mini-Sites make it easy for you to either upload a logo or - if you don't have a logo - key your company name.

Product Photography is important

We present images in the size and dimension that best suits the web.

Social Markers

DotFeed gives you every opportunity to share in the inevitably swelling tide of social marketing.

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